My Theory of Learning

Simon Schmidli

Founder of Edutainity

brain to show upskilling

In the digital age, we can holistically look at learning and adapt the learning to each of the learner’s needs. As we know, people learn differently and what works for one person might not work for someone else. With technology, we now have the possibility to adapt. Each person can choose what to learn, at what time and at what pace with the content and delivery mode that works for them.

Technology is of course not the solution for everything, and I am a big fan of social interactions to facilitate learning. I believe, however, we can go a long way by using the technology appropriately to bring unique learnings to the people.

Technology enables people to learn new things at a pace never seen before.

Why you should learn new things

People should learn for their own benefits in topics that they want. It’s finally possible to develop the knowledge and skills that you really want instead of simply following a fixed curriculum. Therefore, each and everyone is responsible for what he/she learns, when they want to learn and how they learn new things. I believe that people never stop learning and especially in today’s fast-paced world, it is more than ever necessary to continue learning to keep up with the change.

Sources of learning are readily available online and offline in many ways today. Every individual should think about his/her own values and interests and develop them accordingly by choosing appropriate learning opportunities. Learning goals should be defined, and success is therefore also determined by the individual learner based on his/her own goals and ambitions.

A platform for skill-building

I believe learning happens best when people are engaged and can apply knowledge in real-life scenarios.

edutainity” focuses on courses where people are immersed in the content, need to find solutions to problems and therefore actively learn.

In the courses, we combine techniques such as storytelling, simulation, and game-elements to bring a unique offering to the learner and focus on skills required for the digital age. The platform will not solve all your learning needs (maybe you want to learn how to play the guitar ? ) but puts a clear focus on 21st-century skills that are believed to be of utmost importance in the changing environment around us. To lead meaningful lives, we need to upskill ourselves and learn how to deal with uncertainty, technological advances, our personal wellbeing, etc.

Let us know what you want to learn and we can find a solution together to bring you a unique learning opportunity.


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