Edutainment – Combining Education with Entertainment

Simon Schmidli

Founder of Edutainity

Businessman touching global edutainment

Knowledge is power and learning is moving from a standardized school-based approach to lifelong learning. College might not be for everyone, but learning is. Learning should be individualized not standardized. I am a lifelong learner and I believe that learning can and should be fun for everyone. The utilization of technology and media for entertainment and educational reasons has gotten a lot of attention in both literature and academia where terms like edutainment have been presented and gotten famous. Edutainment gives information that is both entertaining and also educational at the same time. You can find examples of edutainment everywhere these days. As this word recommends, edutainment is the combination of two words i.e. Education and Entertainment which is meant to improve learning by making it easy as well as pleasurable.

What is Edutainment?

As per the Cambridge Dictionary, edutainment means:

“the process of entertaining people at the same time as you are teaching them something”

Education trains us for work, for good citizenship, and a more profound, progressively important human experience. We learn in many ways i.e. through experience, reading, discussion, study, or being taught. Your mind is like a muscle and you must exercise it. The good news is that learning doesn’t have to be hard and when you are having fun along the way, learning can be a very natural experience. This is where I believe that edutainment can make a big difference. Learning through edutainment can provide a unique experience to the learner and will interest the person to learn more.

Importance of Edutainment

Different scientific studies have demonstrated that video, audio, and physical or virtual learning games have a positive and engaging effect in attracting the enthusiasm of students towards education.

By actualizing edutainment in educational organizations, learning and educating can wind up being enjoyable. It also prompts the teachers to come up with different ideas for learning and the board systems that move students to improve their psychological and physical growth in a manner that is diverting, entertaining and fascinating. Edutainment ordinarily seeks to educate or mingle its crowd by implanting lessons in some well-known type of entertainment such as TV programs, computer games, films, music, sites, interactive media programming, and much more. Some lessons utilize edutainment as a reason for training in a progressively proficient and quick manner. Successive edutainment is perceptible by the way that learning gets fun and speakers or teachers train the students in a way that is both engaging and entertaining.

Advantages of Edutainment

Edutainment is an amazing way to teach kids, students, employees, and any lifelong learner. It helps in attracting their attention and they take an interest in studying. Some of the advantages as follows:

  • Edutainment empowers learning
  • It improves creativity and visualization
  • It can be versatile and game-based
  • Students can adapt their learning
  • Hands-on learning energizes studies and motivates youthful minds
  • Astutely chosen online portals provide access to a lot of data to students
  • Soft skills are easier learned through playful courses
  • It provides a superior comprehension of hypothetical subjects
  • Changes customary classrooms into smart study halls

Edutainment will only get more attention in the future and it is a core element of the platform edutainity is currently building. We focus on edutainment as we build our courses to make learning both fun and entertaining for you to learn by doing.


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