Business Simulation

Learn how to Run a company and enhance your skills


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Business Simulation

Are you a student, future entrepreneur or employee who wants to get a feel on how to take decisions in an interconnected world by running a virtual company? In addition, you will enhance your skill-set for the digital age? Then this course is for you. Play the business simulation game and learn by doing.


Learning By Doing

Students and employees learn by doing and build the required skills to take the right decisions in the work environment. The game is a unique Business Simulation where participants take decisions based on data in an interconnected world and apply theoretical knowledge from Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy, Internationalization, HR.



Players will run a virtual company in a connected world against their peers. They need to take decisions and adapt to new realities. The game simulates a virtual company for people to step into the shoes of entrepreneurs and strategize to run their own company as a team.


Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Working in a Team



Game bASED

Unique methodology of an applied game where participants play live against competitors and need to adapt their strategies accordingly.

applied know-how

Participants learn about how to run a company through a hands-on experience that is engaging and has proven learning outcomes.
People doing skill-building

Mode Of Delivery

Business Simulation Game

The Business simulation game can be run virtually or in a face-to-face workshop in your class at University or with your employees as a Mini-MBA workshop focusing on skill-building. It is recommended to run it as a full-day course (or two-day) with a facilitator from our side to make it an extraordinary experience for the participants with the highest learning outcomes. Please reach out to for more details so we can adapt the workshop mode to your needs.