Learn how to frame compelling arguments

Critical Thinking



Learn how to frame arguments in a way to make your point and convince your counterparty of your solution.


Key Skill

Critical thinking is essential to make better business decisions. How you frame arguments will help you get there. Arguments are statements that support a certain conclusion and will be used in any major decision or simply discussion at work or even in day to day life. By learning how to come up with good arguments to support your idea you will be able to get better outcomes.


Basic Know-how

You will learn how to spot arguments and how to come up with good arguments in this course. Next to theoretical examples you will be able to practise which helps you apply it afterwards in real-life scenarios.


Critical Thinking Communication Negotiation


Argumentation is one of the key elements of critical thinking and should be practised regularly.


Simulation to apply theoretical knowledge to learn how to frame good arguments.

Applied Know-how

You will be able to apply what you have learnt with a clear outcome and call to action in your next discussion.
People doing skill-building

Mode Of Delivery


Online course of about 30 minutes. Can be done individually by participants or be integrated in a critical thinking live workshop at your office.