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Who We are

We are a start-up from Switzerland,  focussing on skill-building through edutainment. The world is changing like never before and we need to be ready to tackle it’s challenges in the future. Current learning methodologies do not reflect those changes and are lagging behind. With edutainity we bring you the first holistic learning platform where we leverage storytelling, compelling visuals, simulations and game based learning for you to get an immersive experience and upskill yourself for a bright future.

Why Upskilling?

According to World Economic Forum, we are facing an upskilling emergency:

  • As jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030.
  • In the next two years – by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change
  • In addition to high-tech skills, specialized interpersonal skills will be in high demand, including skills related to sales, human resources, care and education.

Skill For the Digital age

A changing world means different skills are important to thrive. By providing short online courses you now have the opportunity to constantly upskill yourself to be equipped for the challenges to come. e.g. Analytical thinking, active learning, creativity, complex problem solving, emotional intelligence, reasoning and many more.

Personal Wellbeing

Running from one meeting to another, constantly being connected and a digital disruption which changes the world at a pace never seen before comes with unprecedented change. No wonder, many people feel stressed or exhausted in their daily lives. Edutainity offers you courses and tools to enhance your wellbeing.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Our courses leverage storytelling and learning-by-doing for you to get a step-by-step introduction to a topic.

We Keep It Simple

Through our courses, complex matters come to life in a simulated environment for you to understand and apply them.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Skill-Building

At edutainity, we want to enable you to take the necessary courses in order to stay relevant in a changing job enviroment. With our focused courses, you will be able to overcome any challenges that you may face, be it in the workplace or in your day-to-day life. edutainity is a first-of-its kind platform with microlearning courses, for you to get a unique learning experience based on your needs.

Do you want Enhance your Skills?

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