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Business Simulation Game

Strat-up is a unique Business Simulation Game to get ready for the 21st century working world.


Business Simulation Game

The game comprises of an immersive and engaging environment. It simulates a virtual business in a risk-free set up for participants to make decisions and understand their impact immediately. The game is a fun and engaging way to apply theoretical knowledge and learn the required skills to operate in a 21st century business environment.

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Focus on skills for the digital age

Times are changing and to be ready for the jobs of the future we need to start developing a different skillset. The game is built to enhance skills such as complex problem solving, negotiation, critical thinking, decision making, team-work, cognitive flexibility, entrepreneurial thinking and much more.

Holistic way of learning

Our business simulation game offers a holistic view on how to do business. By sharing state-of-the art theory and combining it with game based learning, participants will be learning by doing. Through our unique methodology, participants learn to navigate the interconnectedness and complexity in a modern company.

High engagement and proven leaning outcome

Learning happens best when the learner is immersed in the content. By combining educational content with entertainment, participants will be embedded into the course and learn in a way that is both fun and engaging.

We Enable Skill-building

Not just a Business Simulation

Balanced Criteria

Winning criteria in the game is based on revenue, profit after tax, Share price and organizational well-being -> enhances sustainable business thinking and long-term thinking.


The game is based on a real-life case-study which is analyzed by the participants to come up with their Strategy before starting to take decisions.


Multiplayer game, yet individual decisions -> Players learn how to operate in a company, negotiate for budgets and resources and strategize together to become successful.

Real-time Live

The game is played live in an interconnected virtual world. Participants see the impact of decisions immediately and need to adapt to the market and opponent teams.

Strategic & Tactical

Strategic and tactical decisions simulated to learn about day-to-day activities in a company. Participants strategize in Teams and implement it in the game.

Organisational Politics

Simulation of softer aspects in a business. Students need to react to common situations happening in a company and show their managerial skills to increase the well-being and efficiency of the employees.

In-Built Concepts and Skills



Message by the Founder - Simon Schmidli

According to World Economic Forum, we are facing an upskilling emergency: As jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030. The world of work is changing at an unprecedented speed and people need to learn the skills to thrive in the future. By 2022 active learning, innovation, analytical thinking, creativity, critical thinking and complex problem-solving are growing skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing complex businessworld.

It was news like this, that led me to believe we need to change something and enable students to learn by doing and build new skill-sets. In the past years, I have led numerous workshops for up to 200 students, but if you ask me. the highest impact and learning outcomes were always achieved in small classes with the blended learning approach of using the Business Simulation Game combined with a a live facilitation to guide the students.


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